Job Seekers​

Work For The Dole was a Federal Government initiative, which supports job seekers access pathways to employment through offering opportunities to develop employability skills. Bara Barang has partnered with JobActive Providers, industry employers and trainers and community organisations to host relevant, engaging Work For The Dole activities for job-seekers.



Job seekers working in the Coolamon Cafe at Bara Barang learn how to prepare and present food and are taught barista skills under the supervision of Angela Wright as well as practicing their table service and using a register so as to serve the staff and students on-site, taking and processing bulk food orders, and other hospitality skills.



Bara Barang’s roving multimedia team, Muliyan Migan, teach job seekers skills with film and photography, light and sound, and video editing, as well as interview and journalism skills. Supervised by Kenny Braun, jobseekers document the other Work for the Dole projects and assist with commercial work.

Warre Warren


Under the supervision of Barry Duncan, job seekers will take part in the Caring for Country initiative at Aboriginal sacred sites, such as the Warre Warren cave in Mangrove Mountain. Participants will learn about Aboriginal culture, as well as bush conservation, landscaping, and site management.



The art project endeavours to make Bara Barang more colorful, painting murals on large surfaces as well as sign restoration and working with furniture. Supervised by Megan Cain job seekers learn how to design and carry out large scale artistic projects, as well as honing their visual art skills and gaining a base education in Aboriginal culture.

Woy Woy South Public School & Mingaletta


Job seekers are also undertaking two projects under the supervision of Phil Bligh. The first is the design and construction of a Bush Tucker garden at Woy Woy South public school, as well as minor landscaping projects around the school. The second is the refurbishment of the Indigenous Community Centre, Mingaletta, in Umina, where they are upskilling in the use of power tools and skills used in general construction.

Gardening & Aquaponic


Job seekers can join the gardening and aquaponics project, where under the supervision of Matthew Selby they will learn to distinguish and name native plants and weeds, help with flora conservation and maintenance around Bara Barang, and gain experience in planting, weeding, trimming, tree removal, cultivation, and greenhouse horticulture.



One of the work for the dole initiatives being undertaken at Bara Barang is the refurbishment of the Coolamon Cafe and construction of a community outdoor theatre. Supervised by Donald Gilby, job seekers will develop the basic skills that would support a pathway to the primary trades in the construction industry.



Under the supervision of Joe Grauner, participants work on refurbishment and construction around Bara Barang, including the recreation of several sacred sites, building a wall and water feature, and landscaping an employee break area. Job seekers gain skills used in carpentry, bricklaying, concreting, construction landscaping and general construction.


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