Aboriginal Cultural Education

Local people, local knowledge

Bara Barang provides Aboriginal Cultural Education Training for government agencies, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. We work extensively with the NSW Department of Education and Communities to develop strategies that build positive relationships with Aboriginal communities across the state.


Our training packages are designed to increase your organisations’ capacity to engage with Aboriginal communities in a spirit of collaboration. Each package can be tailored to suit your individual business needs.

Our aim is to improve cultural understanding and enhance your ability to be more inclusive and accessible to Aboriginal people.

Our approach to training is based on the belief that we can move forward together in a positive and respectful way, accept the differences in each other and journey as one to create a better world.


Executive Half Day Package (3.5 hours) - classroom
Executive Full Day Package (6 hours) - classroom and on Country, Aboriginal site tour


This training package offers a window of insight into Aboriginal culture, beliefs and history. We provide opportunities for participants to build on their existing cultural knowledge and to develop a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Australians.


The training is multi-faceted and caters for different learning styles through experiential learning. Our training sessions are conducted both in the classroom and the bush. The four main components of this training package include:


  • Smoking Ceremony and Welcome to Country

  • Cultural Education Training Workshop

  • Participation in a Yarning Circle

  • Visit to local Aboriginal rock art site


We provide a light bush tucker meal with tea and coffee during the workshop. Participants will need to bring along a hat and sunscreen.


1. Your Cultural Education Training begins with a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony

Your cultural awareness training begins with a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony. Smoking Ceremonies have been practiced for thousands of years by Aboriginal people. It is a ritual that offers cleansing and healing. Our facilitators will guide you through your participation and answer any questions you may have.


The workshop follows the Smoking Ceremony and is delivered in a formal setting with our accredited trainers. The following topics are covered during this component of the training:


  • History

  • Spiritual beliefs

  • Links to land and country

  • Kinship

  • Totems

  • Urban dreaming

  • Protocols and terminology


In the workshop, each participant is provided with a work book, reference materials and access to artefacts. It is an educational process designed to equip you with a broader understanding of Aboriginal people and some of the issues they face as communities.


2. Visit to Aboriginal Rock Engraving Site

Your training culminates in a visit to one of the most significant Aboriginal rock engraving sites in Australia. The onsite visit offers a unique insight into the richness and complexity of Aboriginal culture and history, and provides context to the day’s training.


You will have the benefit of an interpretive walk of traditional bush foods, medicines and their usage. It is also an opportunity for participants to gain an on-the-ground understanding of kinship connections to the land through totemship.

"Cultural Education is important for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. It allows participants to increase their capacity to engage with communities and move forward together in a positive and respectful way."


Denise Markham

"Cultural Affirmation plays a key role for our Aboriginal youth to help build on their existing cultural knowledge and to develop a deeper understanding of ones self in providing better opportunities for their future."


Gavi Duncan


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